Toolkit to Overcome Your Productivity Addiction

productivity apps

There are thousands of apps that promise to make you more productive. But how do you know which ones are actually worth your time and money?

If you see yourself as a productivity addict, I bet that you’ve been equipped yourself with an extremely powerful apps to maintain your productivity at the maximum level.

However, forget about willpower, which rarely works for majority of people, what we’re mentioning is about productivity tools. It’s not that simple to pump yourself with energy by a simple app. There are many categories in productivity field, therefore, endless kinds of productivity app which serve different needs and suit different purposes.

This article will give you best app recommendations for a totally productive day, including personal time tracker,  habits & goals tracker, spending planner, note- taking apps and also teamwork management apps. Feel free to try and choose the one which suits you best.

Best Note-taking & To-do list Apps


Price: Basic (free), Plus ($34.99 per year), and Premium ($69.99 per year)
Platform: iOS (iPhone, iPad, Mac), Android, Web

There are hundreds of tasks you want to complete everyday. However, we are usually at lost while trying to figure out what to so first and next and… add no value to yourself until the end of the day. That’s why digital notes were born to serve that needs.

Evernote has long been the leader of note- taking apps. In terms of functionality, it’s hard-pressed to find any app that provides every functions like Evernote does. Evernote has the ability to integrate with just everything, in one place. That’s why it is said to be an Universal box.

evernote basic

Recommended by Jon Westenberg, Top writer in Startup, Writing, Entrepreneurship, Life Lessons, Life

Jon Westenberg


The backbone of my productivity is Evernote. It’s an app I’ve been using for about seven or eight years now. It’s my personal favorite note taking app, and I’ve used ’em all — OneNote, Simple Note, Google Keep, Apple Notes etc. Evernote keeps me coming back because, pure and simple, it just fucking works.



Price: Basic (free), Premium ($28.99 per year), Business ($28.99 per year)
Platform: iOS (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch), Android, Web

Does the name “todoist” sound familiar to you?

For me personally, as one of Nirow Team member, I have done many of researches and survey to find out which is our biggest competitor in productivity app market, and the result is, you know, it’s Todoist.

Todoist launched in early 2007 with a web-based app, but quickly added new elements – including a mobile version, a paid premium service, and browser extensions – throughout the year. In 2012, Todoist gained newfound popularity when it redesigned its interface to offer a minimalist and intuitive design and released native apps for iOS and Android.

todoist dashboard

Recommended by Matthew Stibbe, CEO of Articulate Marketing

Matthew Stibbe

It didn’t take much browsing to find Todoist. The commitment to clear design is visible immediately. But here’s the best thing: it works on EVERYTHING. Web, iPhone, iPad, Android, Chrome, Windows, Gmail – there’s even a plugin for Outlook so I can manage tasks in my favorite email client


Best money apps


Price: Free
Platform: iOS (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch), Android.

Mint helps you track and pay your bills, manage your budget, and track investments. You can also track your credit score and compare credit cards, bank accounts, investments and insurance products. Mint is a product of Intuit — which also produces Quicken, QuickBooks and TurboTax — so their money management roots go deep.

Mint app

Recommended by Kate Abrosimova, Marketing Director at Yalantis, CMO and co-founder at Kaiiax

Kate Abrosimova

When I looked at why people love Mint, I found that most think it’s a great product — excellently designed, easy to use, secure, and free


Personal capital

Price: Free
Platform: iOS (iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch), Android.

Personal Capital is personal finance software, so it includes budgeting and spending features along with investment management capability. It’s designed for those who want to develop and execute a long-term that will take them to retirement and beyond. It’s truly a virtual money manager.

personal capital


Recommended by David Weliver, founding editor of Money Under 30

David Weliver

Over the years, I’ve used and tested dozens of different personal finance apps, but most lose their novelty after a while. I keep coming back to Personal Capital because it’s the one program I’ve found that gives me insight into my entire investment portfolio, which is spread across several different brokers. The net worth dashboard is also a great way to see an approximation of my net worth without manually updating a spreadsheet

Best habit tracking apps


Price: Free, Premium ($1.99/month or $14.99/year)
Platform: iOS (iPhone, Apple Watch)

This app has a number of great features which makes it ideal for keeping track of habits and routines.

One of the most interesting features is that with Momentum, you can import your data into an Excel document, which allows for cross-platform viewing of your progress. On top of this, you’re able to set weekly targets and take notes allowing you to easily take control of your habits.

But unlike many apps on this list, Momentum is optimized exclusively for Apple devices and as such, you won’t find it on Android which is unfortunate. However, a benefit of this exclusivity is that your profile on Momentum can be easily integrated on the iCloud.

productivity app mommentum

Recommended by Lee Garret, Project Manager, IT Consultant and Productivity Coach

Lee Garret

Overall, I’m quite impressed with Momentum. The developers have done a great job in packing a lot of features into a simple interface, which is one of the biggest challenges for a productivity application. The features you would count on in a habit tracking application are all present and correct and the addition of regular reminders is vital until your habits become automatic


Price: Free, Premium ($4.99)
Platform: iOS (iPhone, Apple Watch)

This Apple Design Award winner is built around encouraging you to maintain a 12-day streak of a good habit, as such it is a great way to stay motivated.

The interface is extremely customizable, as such, you can make it suit you and your tastes.What’s more, it can be easily integrated with Health app, one of the most popular apps on the IOS. Used together, you’ll be able to develop healthy habits with ease. If you’re falling behind, the app will send you a reminder, and keep you on target.

Along with exceptional design, Streaks progress statistics are outstanding.

streaks app


Recommended by Giacomo, editor at The Nerdy Student


I love statistics, and Streaks comes packed with them. You can view your best streak, your streak completions and more for each individual task or for all the tasks together. Streaks will also show you your average completions over days and the time you complete tasks. To view the in-depth stats about your streaks, tap on the star icon that you see on the bottom right of the app

Best time-tracking app


Price: Free, Premium ($9 per month, $72 per year)
Platform: Mac, PC, Android, Linux

RescueTime is a free app with a premium upgrade that allows more specific reporting and features like offline time input. It offers a reporting dashboard with all your data sliced, diced and sorted into useful charts to help you manage your time.

The app is based on Peter Drucker’s (the famous management consultant) maxim that “what gets measured, gets managed.”


Recommended by Jeff Hicks, IT veteran

 Jeff Hicks

I’ve been using the free RescueTime application for the last month. To be honest, I don’t even think about it. The program is very unobtrusive, and I have to make a conscious effort to pause it when I step away from my desk for any period of time. The full, paid version offers the ability to log and categorize that time. If I worked in a corporate environment with meetings and phone calls that would be very useful

Nirow integrates with RescueTimeOur app, Nirow honorably has RescueTime as one of our integration. Users can easily track their productivity time with the connection with RescueTime right on Nirow app.

These are what Nirow can track with the connection with RescueTime:

  • Business
  • Communication and Scheduling
  • Networking
  • Design Hours
  • Entertainment
  • News Hours
  • Software Development
  • Shopping
  • Utilities

You can read our full story of making Nirow here.

Best teamwork app


Price: Free, Business class ($9.99 per month), Enterprise ($20.83 per month)
Platform: Web, Mobile (iOS, Android), Desktop (Win, Mac)

A Trello board is basically a web page containing lists laid out horizontally on the page so you can get a bird’s eye view of your project. Items within the lists, called cards, can be dragged and dropped onto other lists or reordered within lists.


Recommended by Melanie Pinola, the managing editor at Zapier


Melanie Pinola

Trello is an awesome project management tool that makes collaboration easy and, dares I say, even fun. But this visual list tool can do so much more, whether you’re organizing work projects, family chores, travel plans, or just about anything else. Here are some ways to put Trello to use for managing your entire life.

As the readers of the blog, we truly believe in crowd-sourcing productivity wisdom that helps us all to work more or less smarter. Share your favorite productivity apps with your friends now!

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