Nirow 2.0 Release Note – Big changes

Nirow 2.0

As a big improvement from Version 1.0, Nirow 2.0 adds integration with your iPhone’s Calendar app, improves Chart & Metrics to present your performance and gives you more options in Sport Habits. There’s also a breaking news that you can mark your progress as done through Siri!!

Get the new update now or read to see what’s on stage…

Connect with Calendar to have an overview of your day

Imagine when you get up, you are a bit unconscious, just glancing at Calendar then you are fully aware of your schedule for a whole day. You know what to do at exactly what time. Yes, that’s how helpful the integration is.

Nirow 2.0 - Calendar integration

Insightful Chart to see your progress by time

Nirow’s Chart and Metrics have a new look. Now Nirow 2.0 presents your progress in more detailed, easy-to-read charts. Give yourself a big applause if you see an improvement in your performance of any activity compared to last week. 

Nirow 2.0 - Progress chart

Automatically Sync to iCloud/Dropbox

If you use 2 or more devices at the same time, then no need to fill in progress in both. Your data will be synced automatically to iCloud or Dropbox. No sign-in required!


Nirow 2.0 - Back-up

New templates for sport added

We realize that many of our users are passionate about sports so we give you guys a lot more options for sport activity: boxing, dance, golf, hiking,… of course with lovely icons as well!

Location is now editable

Thanks to @Joe’s feedback, now you can edit location of a habit after selected.

And save the best for the last: Siri is now your right-hand!

While your hands are busy playing sports or cooking, you can tell Siri to mark any habit as done, breaking news right? Just say Mark Gym as done in Nirow” and Siri will do its job.
Nirow-Siri relationship is still in early stage so tell us your comment if any!

Minor changes

Not so minor actually. We got a new logo! Many thanks to Eugeniu Mateico, we really love it.
And a new member of our team Fantastic Four!
There will be some bugs and issues needed to be fixed. So Nirow welcomes all of your feedback. (We live by them every day!)