10 Goal Setting Secrets to Be Successful: Setting Goals Is Not That Easy!

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Goal setting is powerful because it helps us stay focused. It not only allows you to control your life’s direction but also provides you a benchmark for determining how much you have succeeded. To complete a goal, firstly, you need to know how to set it. You can’t simply say, “I want” and expect it to happen. Here are our ten goal setting secrets that will help you stay on track!

What should you prepare in your head?

#1 Learn from the past experience 

Which goal you used to set but failed? It failed because it’s too dreamy and ridiculous? Or it failed because it was out of your reach? Then you should set a more realistic target.
In contrast, if your previous goals are too easy to achieve, then you may consider aiming higher.
Learn from the past

Old but gold criteria for goals

#2 S.M.A.R.T

I guess S.M.A.R.T is the starter pack for a lot of goal setters. There are many variations of what S.M.A.R.T stands for, but the essence is this – goals should be:
  • Specific.
  • Measurable.
  • Attainable.
  • Relevant.
  • Time Bound.
Your goal must be clear and well defined. You should avoid vague or generalized goals as they don’t provide sufficient direction. 
For instance, “high scores” on final exams seem vague, you should set a goal of achieving at least 90 points to be more specific.
You should try to include amounts, dates, and so on in your goals so you can measure your degree of success. If your goal is simply defined as “To save money” how will you know when you have been successful? Without a way to measure your success, you miss out on the celebration that comes with knowing you have actually achieved something.
Make sure that the goals are not out of your reach. If you set a goal that you have no future of accomplishing, then your goal is just like an ending of a scientific movie that will never happen in real life!
But, I’m not telling you to set a boring and too easy goal. Try something exciting, forcing yourself to jump out of your comfort zone to acquire that energy and edge. By setting realistic but challenging goals, you hit the balance you need. 
Your goals should be in alignment with the direction you want and the career you take. By keeping goals aligned with this, you’ll develop the focus you need to get ahead and do what you want. Set widely scattered and inconsistent goals, and you’ll just waste your time.

A goal is a dream with a deadline.

Yep, that’s right, your goals MUST have a deadline. When you are working on a deadline, your sense of urgency increases and achievement will come that much quicker.

#3 Your goals must be yours 

NOT your parent’s or your boss’s. Not your wife’s or your friends’. But Yours. When you let other people determine your definition of success, you’re indirectly destroying your own future. The goal must be something you truly want. 

#3 Your goals should be well-balanced 

Make sure your goals do not steal all your time. You still need time to relax, entertain, have fun and enjoy moments with close people. This is one of goal setting secrets people usually underestimate.
One small tip for you: Ask yourself “What do I have to give up on something to achieve this goal? Is it too much?”. It can’t be denied that there’s trade-off behind every success, but if the price you have to pay is too expensive, then you should revise your goals. 
Goal setting secrets
Make sure the trade-off is not too expensive.

Now it’s time to start your dream

#5 Write the goals down and stick them in memorable places around you

Basically, writing things down help you remember them more easily. Have you ever noticed that when you write a shopping list, you can remember almost all the items on it without glancing at it? Or when you have a bright idea and scribble it in your notebook, you can remember it all day? The very act of writing things down helps to get them lodged into your long-term, not short-term, memory.
Furthermore, if you write down goals on notes, you may stick them to walls, desks, kitchen,… or anywhere you easily catch a sight. Just for fun but my friend, studying Japanese, she writes Kanji words on small note papers and sticks them to WC and bathroom to learn by heart faster!!

#6 Action Plan

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

This step is often forgotten in the process of goal setting. You’re obsessed with the outcome that you forget to plan all of the steps that are needed along the way. By writing out the individual steps, and then crossing each one off as you complete it, you’ll realize that you are making progress towards your ultimate goal. This is especially important if your goal is big and long-term. 

#7 You do need support!

This is one of goal setting secrets people often miss.

First, find a support team to help you achieve your goal. Make a list of all the resources you need and tick off what you can do or have time to do yourself. 

Then research and decide who can provide the help you need or be a mentor with encouragement and support.

#8 Find a partner to increase motivation

Find someone has the same goals as you. When you have a companion, you guys can share difficulty with each other.

#9 Track and Evaluate

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. – Peter Drucker
Tracking is one indispensable step of goal setting secrets.
If tracking by yourself is hard, I suggest you use Nirow – our Automatic Habits Tracking app. It’s easy and convenient because all you have to is just put a specific goal and fill in a value at the end of the day. Nirow will automatically track how many percents you have achieved and give you an overview of the whole progress.

Always track your goals
Track your goals with Nirow

 #10 Don’t forget to celebrate

Hard work pays off. Now it’s time to retreat your effort you put in to accomplish goals! A celebration will also motivate yourself to achieve future targets.
Especially when the process is tough, look back and acknowledge how far you have come and what you have already achieved.
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